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Giuseppe Donato is a known designer goldsmith born in 1979.
Everyone has a dream. Mine, since childhood, was to create with my hands and through my imagination something that could be a “light for the eyes and soul.”
I had the fortune of being able to choose my own way, thanks to the parents who have always supported me and since I was 14 when I started doing this work. I must say that I loved it from the start; the more time passed, the more I immersed myself, body and soul, into what would be my dream.
Now that I have come this far, I can’t explain what sacrifices it took to write these words and introduce myself to you, but I can say that I’ve existed in the world of jewelry for over 20 years!
Donatojewels creates, manufactures and markets around the world hand-finished jewelery in modern designs, made of precious materials  or not precius and which is alternative but affordable . The Donato jewels are sold in 4 countries in the world, in 3 continents, through select retailers, to give the best support to customers. We want to be unique and not mass production.
Founded in 2009 in Alessandria, Italy, home to the headquarters of, Donato Jewels Group employs two official laboratories in addition to external laboratories for the production. For more information, visit the web site