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Every rings lover should know the extent of his finger, and should also know that your hands are not identical to each other, also because of the blood pressure may change in size, changes are perhaps imperceptible to the human eye but important to wear rings. This is why this sometimes the rings can make it harder to get into your fingers and sometimes they slip off too easily. Our rings seek to overcome this drawback. By studying a special design we have created a shock absorbing shank able to widen slightly to give comfort in correct measure but also to adapt better to the finger in certain cases. The special enamel coating placed inside allows for high wearability, convenient and comfortable. A prestige that only we offer at these levels.
Therefore, we encourage you to select a right fit, it will narrow wide whereas the jewel is not a record like that of marriage but an enveloping ring, whereby the rotation of the ring is not recommended, the helmet must remain in full view at the top of the finger.
That said there is no worry if the measure were to be purchased wrong. We can replace your ring, or if it is little narrower or wider, we can also assist you via telephone to explain how to fit the finger. Download the PDF file to be printed without scaling the image. Placing on it a ring or your wedding ring you will easily find the right fit