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Welcome to the new temple of jewelery. I introduce myself; Im Giuseppe Donato stylist-designer of jewelry, after years spent here was updated on the new site “Donato jewels” international brand of high-design jewelry. All the jewelry that you are going to observe were created by me and from my soul. I forged this jewelry using all my knowledge in order to give a superior product unique and especially beautiful! I am proud to present my collections and start with you this Journey to the realization of the most beautiful jewelry and unique as ever. I worked for the most famous companies in the market, but since 2009 I have brought to you the fine jewelry for everyone. Together we will face a long journey where he will show me and I will give more excitement to see and wear entering more and more into a “escalations” of the most amazing artifacts for all tastes. Jewels for many but not for everyone. My company does not want to be, but only for those who are single and want to really stand by purchasing a real gem from precious materials and not from the most intelligent combinations and antique revisited in our modern era and processed entirely in Italy, my home and cradle of ‘World art. Thank you for your love.

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  1. RIVAT

    Merci Giuseppe ! Toutes vos créations sont magnifiques , impressionnantes , et respirent l’authenticité. Les matériaux que vous utilisez sont nobles et nous font vite oublier tous ces produits industriels bas de gamme. Je n’ai pas trouvé d’équivalent en France, bravo à vous !

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